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Baseus Control Handheld Gimbal Storage Organizer

  • Designed for Baseus Control handheld gimbal
  • Top handle for easy carrying
  • High quality dual zippers, smooth to open and close
  • Inner mesh pocket, convenient to store other accessories
  • EVA padded design, shock-resistant and won’t scratch your gimbal

Baseus Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

  • CASH PRICE 35000/-
  • 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal
  • Smart APP Expansion
  • Gimbal Rocking Bar


Aluminum alloy 102-158mm weight 216g battery can change

Smooth-5 Smartphone Gimbal

Zhiyun’s SMOOTH 5 makes cinematic filming with your smartphone possible. The industry standard 3 axis design allows movements in all

ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Smartphone Gimbal

  • Feels Better in All Way The gimbal feels just great in your hand with the ergonomic design and smooth surface. Simply fold or unfold the gimbal in a split second. User experience is guaranteed to be elevated.
  • 215mm Extendable Rod The built-in 215mm extendable rod allows you to shoot at various angles from a wider background.
  • Light Up Your Vision, Magnetically Attach the magnetic fill light on your SMOOTH-Q4 to light up your night shooting 5500K standard color temperature level with adjustable brightness level & color filters provided.
  • Multi-Functional Control Wheel One-hand operation becomes simpler with the multi-functional control wheel. Simply press to adjust the brightness and slide to adjust the focal length just at your fingertips.
  • Your Personal Shooting Instructor Choose the shooting modes within the ZY Cami App and it will guide you to create a masterpiece automatically. Your best work is just around the corner.

Zhiyun SMOOTH-Xs Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

  • Small, lightweight
  • 2-axis smartphone gimbal; innovative sliding design
  • Built-in 10.2″ extendable selfie stick
  • Smart subject tracking and gesture control functions,
  • Special video effects